Extreme Excellence

by Angeline V. Teo and America's Top 10 Performance Experts



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Angeline V. Teo's Interview Abstract​ 

Chapter 7

"The big secret to being successful is to learn from the mistakes others have made and be willing to make a change for the better from the latter's experiences."

Dynamic Interviews with America's Top 10

Performance Experts

by Angeline V. Teo, Karel Murray, Ricky Dawson, Garry Parker, David Jacobson,

Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried, Rick Cooper, Evelyn Johnson, Barbie Reed and Cindy Soloman

Are you striving for Extreme Excellence in all facets of your life? Do you think that extreme excellence is worth the effort or are you willing to settle for something less?

The unique perspectives of the successful businesspeople in this book will help you expand your understanding of this provocative term. The authors bring refreshingly different ideas of what excellence means to them and how they achieved it. They will also give you practical tools that will help you implement their strategies. 

You will be enlightened and challenged by this book. Most of all, your grasp on success will be assured by this book. Your definition of the term "Extreme Excellence" will never be the same. 

This book will give you the answers you need. Don't hesitate. A rewarding learning experience awaits you.


Customer Reviews

ISBN:                               978-1-60013-271-1

Publisher:                        Insight Publishing Company

Publication Date:             2008

Printed in:                        United States, Tennessee

Authors:                           Angeline V. Teo, Karel Murray, Ricky                                             Dawson, Garry Parker,            

                                        David Jacobson, Dr. N.Elizabeth Fried, 

                                        Rick Cooper, Evelyn Johnson,

                                        Barbie Reed and Cindy Soloman

Edition:                            First edition 

Pages:                             142

Product Dimensions:       220mm x 150mm

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