Where Do I Begin?

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"I am not a woman extraordinaire. Like many women, I wear many hats. Each day, I go out acting the role of mother, a career woman, a boss at work, a wife, an eldest daughter, an elder sister, a friend and a next-door neighbour. Perhaps this is something that you can relate with - we both struggle to fulfil all these roles the best we can."

An Autobiography

by Angeline V. Teo

Where Do I Begin? is an honest and revealing account of Angeline V. Teo's journey from grief and heartache to self-discovery. Beneath her vibrant and positive exterior lies a determined woman who has weathered personal and public storms to emerge stronger than ever. Angeline continues to inspire many with her indomitable spirit and unwavering faith, embracing all that life has to give her.



“Angeline’s personal experiences is epitome of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Her life story is an inspiration as it encourages us to look at the positive side in life. It is also a reminder to us that we should not slip into self-pity but rather what we can actually do to stay afloat. Do something about it. Angeline’s book has bequeathed us useful and treasured lessons in life.”

Dr. William Chan

Educator, Singapore

“It is the intangible that moves my heart as I see the immeasurable and invaluable treasure from God living in reality within Angeline, His earthen vessel. At times, she is hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; she could be perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken; struck down but not destroyed. Through His unfailing love, she is more than a conqueror in life. I see the Grace of God not in vain, but making her what she is today, prospering in all things, and be in health.”

Ms Lim Say Hoon

Former Compliance Professional, Singapore

Enriched with self-revealing life stories, and a taste of Singapore’s culture and history, these charmingly simple chapters are affirmations of the power of a woman’s will and strength.

In this delightful autobiography, Angeline tells her story with wit, grace and elegance.

A must-read for women of all ages!

Dr. Afsoon Ghazvinian

Founder of REIVAS Pte. Ltd, Singapore 

“Many women can find their stories intertwined with Angeline’s.

‘Where do I begin?’ is a question a lot of women wrestle with and ask themselves after going through some challenges in certain seasons of their lives. Angeline gives us hope as she writes her life story.

This book encourages women to never let their stories end with a period but start something new from where they may have left off.”

Monique Ong

Managing Director of AnOunceofFaith.com, Philippines

Angeline’s perseverance, tenacity and unwavering determination to rise above adversities are outstanding traits that make her autobiography a must-read! It takes real and great courage to be so transparent about the hidden, painful and wrenching secrets of your life.

I admire her unselfish willingness to be open so others may benefit, succeed and excel.

Dr. June Liau

Partner of Liau, Ho & Chan Solicitors and Notaries, Hong Kong

“In an honest and revealing account, Angeline brings us through her pivotal life experiences—the triumphs, struggles and failures. As the Chinese proverb goes, ‘To appreciate water, you must know its source’, Angeline retraces the roots of her childhood and formative years to uncover the sources of her entrepreneurial spirit and tenacious can-do attitude. Being a young newlywed woman in her early career, I could identify with the young Angeline facing similar struggles and apply the life lessons and nuggets of wisdom she imparts throughout the book. A truly inspirational read.

Melissa Chan

Investment Analyst, Singapore

I cried when I read it and did not realise how confronting and emotional a simple book could be. I did not know so much. I had no clue what my mum's been through. It's even triggered some feelings and stories I've told my Psychologist. Stories I've mentioned saying "I'm not sure if this happened, but I feel like it did and I was there, but I was a baby so its not possible to remember it - right?".

I love you so much mum."

Cherylanne Ng

Youngest Daughter, Western Australia

“Angeline is my niece (my cousin’s daughter) , albeit she is only 2 months younger than me. She always comes across as a confident, bubbly and cheerful lady. Without reading her memoir, little did I know of the trials and tribulations she gone through to reach what she has achieved today. 

This book is definitely encouraging and inspiring for anyone, especially women, who are facing difficulties and challenges in their careers or life. Angeline is a living example of how persistence, perseverance and hard work can overcome adversities. I have personally recommended many of my friends and relatives to read her memoir.

Mr. Han Hoe Kuang

Managing Director of GSG M&S Pte. Ltd.

Where Do I Begin? is not only about Angeline’s life story but serves as a testimony of my friend’s struggle through life and how it has made her what she is today. In her very depths of despair, Angeline’s indomitable spirit shines through and her grit and determination is testimony to the lengths that she would go through to protect those dearest to her. 

The insights that she has provided through this intimate sharing of her struggles and triumphs is nothing short of inspirational."

Susan Goh

Section Head & Senior Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic 



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Product Details

ISBN:                               978-981-48-0771-5 (Hardcover)

Publisher:                        Armour Publishing

Publication Date:             October 31, 2018

Printed in:                        Singapore, Asia

Author:                             Angeline V. Teo

Edition:                            First edition 

Pages:                             216

Product Dimensions:       200mm x 130mm

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