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Angeline V. Teo holds a Master of Science Degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde (UK) as well as qualifications in Counselling, Training, Management, Business and Life Coaching. She is also a certified 

work-life coach and career coach with Work Life Asia.

Professional Speaking


Angeline V. Teo has worked with multinational corporations in the International arena, enabling her versatility in speaking styles.


She has the ability to customise her topics to be relevant to any client's needs, rendering her a highly sought after keynote speaker.

The Coaching Process

Whether you're an individual going through a career dilemma, a business owner, goal-digger, or multinational company CEO, Angeline V. Teo is here to help. 


1. Assess: Let's Talk

It is important for me to ensure that we both know

exactly what you're going through and what you hope

to achieve. This is the part where you do (almost)

all the talking. 


Tell me your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions and

we'll start from there to see if we will be a good fit in

transforming your goals into reality.


I want you to be honest; integrity is key. I want to get to

know you, your working style, your family orientation,

your values and the resources available to you so that, together, we can develop our action plan.

From Day 1, I want you to feel that you are already gaining back control. To begin having the clarity in your vision, coupled with the comfort of knowing that you have my guidance at your fingertips and the optimism to work towards a renewed sense of purpose.

2. Prioritise: Plan Plan Plan!

We've all heard this before: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Simple as that.


In this phase of your transformation, you will develop a Power Plan! Not only will I look at your professional career or business goals but also your personal needs and wants. 


Together, we will prioritise your workload and responsibilities, analyse your working style and develop strategies aimed towards reaching your goals that compliment your skills and abilities .

3. Take Back Control

Take back control of your business, life and relationships.


It's easy to lose sight of what's truly important in life

or to deviate from your end goal. That is why we have

our plans in place and why you have me to ensure you

are held accountable to your vision and plans! 


This is not the end of your transformation, it is a

recurring component of it. Every day, you must make a

conscious effort to stay committed to yourself.

It will take dedication and hard work to rid yourself of negative habits that are holding you back.

I believe that you CAN, you WILL, you MUST turn your goals and dreams into a reality.

I'm here to help you make that happen.

Professional Speaking

Angeline V. Teo is a highly sought after international keynote speaker with a passion for people. Her decades of industry experience working with multinational corporations and speaking in the international arena has proven her versatility in speaking styles. Angeline is also able to customise her thought-provoking keynote topics to be relevant to the needs of her audience.


Keynote Topics

Charismatic and dynamic, Angeline V. Teo has engaged audiences from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Helping many organisations and individuals understand the need to change,

challenge the status quo and to continuously raise the bar for leadership and performance.


Angeline also has proven abilities in igniting her audience’s passions and to get them on their feet!

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Got a specific theme or topic not on the list?

Not to worry!

Simply contact Angeline V. Teo's team today with your intended topic or theme. 

Angeline's wealth of experience in diverse markets have contributed to her wide depth of knowledge in a variety of topics and industries. Speak with Angie today to find out more about her range of experiences, skills and expertise.

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