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Here you can access some of the events and highlights of my professional and personal life. 

Simply click the image you want to view to enlarge and read more.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life!

PEPWorldwide Global Team

PEPWorldwide Global Team Conference in Spain, Alicante

Family Vacation, London

Warner Brothers Studio for the Harry Potter Tour with my family.

My 55th Birthday Celebration

Gold, Black and Silver was the theme of my Fabulous 55 secretly planned by my family and best friends. Even the cake we beautifully designed and arranged by my bestie! I am blessed with angels, always grateful for everyone.

Fabulous 55

Fabulous 55 !

Hubby and I

Hubby and I

PEPWorldwide Team in Vietnam

PEP Representatives from Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam

My first born

My first born winning her first award! So proud!

Family Holiday

It sure is a blessing to have travelled so much that I cannot remember where and when all my holiday photos were taken! Doesn't make each trip any less valuable though!

Another successful #HealthPEP

Another Successful #HealthPEP Session

CEO Forum

International CEO Forum

PEPWorldwide Conference, Amsterdam

PEPWorldwide Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands

My darlings

My Darlings

Happy Graduation

My youngest graduating from a Masters of Commerce specialising in International Business. Happy and proud day for all of us!

Book signing
Best Personal Brand Award

Best Personal Brand Award, from the Marketing Institute of Singapore

Hello to Hire

Hello to Hire 4.0


Beneficiaries of the PEP Program

Invited Panelist Speakers

Invited Panelist Speaker for CareerBuilder, Vietnam

PEP Malaysia

PEP Malaysia Team

Malaysia Book Launch Party

Book Launch Private Party, Malaysia

Back in the day...

Photographed with Mr. Chan Soo Sen, Ex-Minister of State, Singapore

CEO Forum

International CEO Forum

Philippines Book Party

Book Launch Private Party, Philippines

President of Singapore

President of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob with Sister Angela from Canossaville Children, invited guests to my Women's Leadership Forum in 2004

Mdm Halima Yacob with AVT

Honouring our guest of honour Madam Halimah Yacob, then Minister, now President of Singapore



Malaysia Book Launch Party Dinner

Beautiful Cake-book presented to me during Where Do I Begin? Launch Party in the Philippines! Almost too gorgeous to eat!

Words of Wisdom

Click to view my series of W.O.W images, FREE for download

Singapore Launch Party

Book Launch Party, Singapore

Best Personal Brand Award

Best Personal Brand Award 2017

SG book party
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